About Tea Habjan


  • Ontario College of Social Workers & Social Service Workers
  • Canadian Yoga Alliance Certified with over 15 years of teaching experience
  • Institute of Holistic Nutrition, RHN
  • Certified Nutritional Practitioner

“My life is based on the philosophy of compassion. It’s what I would want from others and what I’ve given for over a decade of helping people manage stress, anxiety, depression and anything else interfering with everyday well-being.

I’ve spent years teaching the value of Hatha Yoga combined with mindful meditation, while actively building knowledge of nutritional awareness.

My aim -- improve my student’s life through all matters of mind and body.

I give you holistic philosophy.  Natural nutrition coaching to help clients reach their personal goals.”

Tea Habjan, your wellness coach

Yoga Classes

One hour can change your life. 

Tea offers small format classes of only 10 people.  It’s the personal attention she insists on. To monitor each student, ask questions, get feedback and know everyone is getting the full benefits.

Even science understands the healing power of yoga.  From overall health and a longer life, to daily healing of aches, pains and common illness. 

Healing Power of Yoga

Studies have found that the simple and short-term act of one yoga pose makes you happier. 

Constant practice alleviates depression through increased levels of serotonin.  It levels the body’s monoamine oxidase, responsible for many neurological disorders.

Other include…

  1. Improved flexibility, loosing of muscles for less pain
  2. Prevents joint breakdown, renewing nutrients to cartilage
  3. Better bone heath, increasing density and strength
  4. Immunity boost, fighting infection
  5. Increased focus, better memory, reaction time and less stress
  6. Better sleep, a calmer body leads to relaxed sleep

Coaching and Workshops

It’s believed 1 out of every 2 adults has a chronic illness.  Many are preventable.

Simple wellness education and support can improve so many lives. 

Tea’s coaching is focused on one value… your comfort and happiness.  Every step carefully crafted for optimal results.

Overview of Wellness Coaching

Everybody’s different.  Tea’s style is customized to your needs and personality. 

But there are general aspects applying to all.  This includes…

  • Initial phone meeting
  • In-person discussion at the most convenient location for you
  • A “Client assessment interview” for crafting your healing journey
  • A detailed layout of how to move forward

Tea will lead you through every step, through every level of this integrated, holistic approach to well-being.  She provides the necessary support for lasting lifestyle changes.